MassHire CIS Activation Information and Optional Add-on Feature

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  • MassHire CIS is an online planning tool which provides comprehensive and current educational and career information specific to MassHire CIS.
  • IDEAS (Interest Determination, Exploration, and Assessment System) is available annually for a per site lease. IDEAS helps users rate their preferences of 128 tasks from the Career Assessment Inventory list. IDEAS generates an individualized profile linking users interest choices to sixteen occupational areas. Results are then stored in My Portfolio. There is a Spanish option available for this component. Cost: $200 per site.
  • Sherlock is a guidance assessment, reporting, communications, and evaluation system for schools and education support programs. Sherlock enables school counselors and education support professionals to collect key data on student interests, needs, experiences, and perceptions about their academic and career development. The purpose of the assessments is to inform efforts to enable higher levels of academic success, educational attainment, and career development.